Baby Eve 

I first met Natalie at our place of work. When I found out she was pregnant during the same time I was, we really hit it off. We would chat all the time during our shift about things that we were experiencing. It was so great to have someone to share those milestones with! Natalie and her husband Pete wanted the gender of their baby to be a surprise. I totally admired them, and thought it was so exciting to wait and see what they could be having. I just wish I wasn't so eager and impatient to not know for ourselves hah. They introduced Joshua and I to their Doula, Becca, and we ended up going with her too after meeting her. It was cool that we could also bond over everything that we were learning from her together. Natalie was about six weeks behind me in our pregnancies. When I had Elvah I couldn't wait to tell her all about my birth experience and help her prepare for what was to come. Exactly a month ago yesterday, Natalie gave birth to a beautiful girl! She texted me the morning of, and I screamed in excitement that her and Pete had a Daughter, just like us. I went over to their house after Eve was just four days old to photograph her. She was the most quiet and content baby I had ever been around. Photographing her was a dream. Natalie and Pete were instantly perfect parents. I am so happy that I got to gift them these wonderful images of Eve's first days of life. I couldn't be more happy for the two of them of this wonderful addition to their lives!